Something wrong with my PC

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Please help me.

After log on to PC a pop up just comes up and shows something is corrupted, ok to terminate.

i Only see my toolbar. I don’t know what happened.

anyone have ideas…

thank you…


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Something wrong with my PC


Hallo Clara,

Has the error persisted or it just started happening recently? If it is the latter, then the error could be as a result of some changes that you made to the computer. For instance you may have deleted some important that is required for the operating system to function properly. Or may be you installed some programs that had compatibility issues with the current operating system that is causing it to malfunction.

I will advice that you run the system restore if you can access it among the programs and restore the system to a state before you started experiencing the problem. Alternatively, if you know which program that you installed recently and you suspect it might be the cause of the problem, locate it in the control panel and remove it.


Mahesh Babu

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Something wrong with my PC


Does the pop-up message tell you which program it is that is corrupted or which file it is that is corrupted? Does it maybe show you the path to the corrupted file? This should give you an idea of which application is corrupted. You can try uninstalling that application and then reinstalling it. This should overwrite the corrupted file with a fresh and working one. You can also try doing system restore if in case the corrupted file is a system file. Go back to a date when the computer was working ok. You also may want to run a virus scan on your computer as file corruption can be caused by viruses and even warnings like what you are getting can be generated by viruses.

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