How to set contacts as the address book on Outlook 2003

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Lately, my computer has been giving me a rough time.

Each time I open a file in either outlook excel or access, it appears as if the same file is being opened several times as the icon at the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen flashes continually for sometime.

Another problem is that all my efforts towards configuring Outlook 2003 such that it uses Contacts as the address book are not achieving the desired result. This is because this setting holds only when the computer is on, as soon as you restart the computer you will have to adjust the settings again.

Can someone please help with a solution such that the default Outlook address book does not indicate “No Entries In This Address Book” when I go to the contacts properties and click on, “Show This Folder As An Email Address Book”.

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How to set contacts as the address book on Outlook 2003


Firstly open the Ms Outlook,

Then go to the menu bar and click the option “go” a menu will appears below the third item in the menu is CONTACTS click this item a new window will appear showing option Double Click To Add Contact when you click the box appear in form shape you should put all the information about this contact and then click Save and Close this will add a contact in the Address Book.

Repeating same method you can add multiples of contacts in the address book.

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How to set contacts as the address book on Outlook 2003



The above mentioned way is good for adding individual contacts, but if you want to add a folder or multiple contacts at once you have to do the following:

First, open “Tools” then “options” & select “contacts” for all the three boxes.

Then, right click on the contacts folder you want to add, select “properties” & then “Outlook Address Book”.

Select the box “Show this in name in Address book” & you are done.

Next time you open your Outlook Address Book, you will find the folder & the contacts within it.

If not, then from the left navigation bar select “Show Names from the" & select your folder.

That should do it.

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