How to remove SCR virus from computer?

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I need some help on removing screensaver virus. All my pictures, wallpaper and backgrounds are corrupted by a malicious ware virus, it also invaded my computer registry. I am very disappointed because all my files are lost. Can you help me to remove screensaver virus?

Waiting for your support, thank you.

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How to remove SCR virus from computer?


Hello Ericson,

The best solution for this is to clean it with your anti virus.

If no anti virus yet, then I recommend AVIRA free for this scenario. Install it and you should be able to delete the viruses in your system.

However, If the virus completely penetrated the computer system. Installing anti viruses may not be the solution for you. Because most of the time the virus will kick you out in the installation process.

They will not let you install a software. If this happens cross your finger because the only solution for this is the worst solution ever. It is to thoroughly reformat your computer. This case will completely obliterate your important file data. Making a backup is not recommended because this will include the virus.

You may take advantage of the System Restore feature in your Computer.I am sorry that is not going to delete the virus files.

If all Else fails. Then I suggest you download NOOB killer. It's a WORM killer that effectively removes worm. Because that virus could be a WORM. Attributes of worm infects all data files in your system. Noob Killer is portable very small but terrible program file scripted with VB programming language.

For more info on how to use this you may take a look at the site(Recommended). I've used this once and works very well for me.

Hope this helps.

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