Best Free anti-virus software in the internet

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I just want to know what is the best anti-virus that I can download for free.

I'm really concern with the security of my computer and I just don't want to download anything that I can see in the internet.

What I want is an advise from an expert like you guys.

Also, how would you know if your computer is already infected with a virus and what is the remedy for that.

Thank you.


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Best Free anti-virus software in the internet


There is no such thing as FREE ANTIVIRUS. You can download free antivirus software in the internet but most of them are either demo only or manipulated software.

Demo software is a free program that you can download in the internet. But it has a limited life span of use, after the specified duration has exhausted the program itself will stop functioning and in antivirus, it shuts down automatically. All of its components including the real-time monitoring will be turned off. You have to buy a license key in order for it to function again.

Do not use modified software version of antivirus. Be aware that there are dangers when using these kind of license-generating tools. Most of them are using virus-like technique to manipulate the software. And sometimes, the actual manipulated software tool is the virus.

The best and most reliable antivirus program that I could recommend is Norton Antivirus. It uses Heuristic technique in scanning and monitoring. But it is not recommended for slow computers.

If you want to download Norton Antivirus, visit its official website.

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Best Free anti-virus software in the internet


Here's a list of free antiviruses:

1.  Avira Antivir

2.  Avast!

3.  AVG Free

4.  Microsoft Security Essentials

5.  ClamWin

There are actually others but the 5 above are the popular ones.

Avira has the highest detection rates.  Avast! has slightly lower detection rates than Avira but has more features.  AVG free is another popular choice but is a little bloated according to some users.  Microsoft Security Essentials is another good antivirus and is simple to use.  ClamWin is an Open Source antivirus.

My personal preference is Avira for its great detection rate and low-memory footprint.  Second choice is Avast! for its nice interface and great features.  I use Avast! for my desktop while I use Avira for my netbook.


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