Installing windows 7 on VirtualBox results in error code: 0×80070570

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Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation.
Error code: 0×80070570

When I try to set up Windows 7 operating system in VirtualBox, I receive an error message (see the screen image).

I sort of found a solution and I think that reason of the error message was a defective windows 7 icon file. Later when re-copying the file and authorizing the md5, the error message vanished and then the installation was fine. I hope I found the correct solution. 

I just wanted to consult with you guys if I should have touched the icon at all, and if there is anything else that could solve this problem differently.

Thanks a bunch!

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Installing windows 7 on VirtualBox results in error code: 0×80070570


There are different problems associated with error 0×80070570 in Windows 7 and other platform versions of Windows. But I think it usually points out to the updating process of the operating system. I don’t use Windows 7 so I really can not tell why this error always appears to users.

I am much familiar with Windows XP, its behaviour, and usual problems during installation. This is the most stable platform that I have used. I think when installing Windows 7, right after it’s about to finish it updates itself automatically. And when it encounters a corrupted file an error of this type will pop up on your screen.

This type of error is very critical for your machine. This can make your computer slow or even damage the system. That’s why if ever you encounter this kind of error on your computer, pay attention to it immediately and fix it as soon as possible.

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