How to Remove Margin in PowerPoint

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Hello guys,

I'm having a problem with my PowerPoint. I cannot remove the margin when I'm printing so I cannot use all the free space of my paper. How can I remove those margins?

I can do it in MS Office but I cannot do it in PowerPoint 2010.

Please help me.

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How to Remove Margin in PowerPoint


Yes, you can use your whole page for formatting. All you have do is:

  • Go to the Home tab which will show when you open PowerPoint 2010.
  • At the Home tab please select the option "Reset", then go to the Design tab and select the "Page Setup" option.
  • At Page Setup option you select your page customization.
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How to Remove Margin in PowerPoint


If you want to print an unusual paper size, then you may need to set margins manually. Most of the printer inkjet require top, right and left 0.5” and for bottom 0.6” anyway follow my instructions for solving your problem.

Margins for Print:

  1. From file menu in your document, click on Page Setup
  2. Now, click on Custom form Page setup, insert your comfortable size in Width & Height boxes. Then click on OK.

 Notes: All presentation slides have one orientation, but if you want, you can choose different orientation for note page, handout & for the outline.

Margins for Text Boxes & Auto Shapes

a.       Select Text box or Auto Shape from your slide

b.      Double click on that or right click on that and select Format Text Box or Format Auto Shape.

c.       Now, come on the Internal Margin from the Text Box tab, and then insert your suitable right, left, top & bottom margins and then click on OK.


Thank You.

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How to Remove Margin in PowerPoint


Hello Mannie,

PowerPoint does not have margins as such, and there are very few printers that can print clear to the edge of the page. I will suggest that you do the following:

  • First you will need to set the page size to A4, and then you will create a slide with a colored background. 
  • You will then print it making sure to get rid of the check next to "Scale to fit paper".
  • When you so that, PowerPoint will send the slide out to the printer at full size without scaling down to accommodate the printer's margins.
  • You will therefore need to define a custom page size that is A4 dimensions less 20mm in both directions – 10 mm border on each side. 

Hope this helps.




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