How To Recover Data From A Dead Hard Drive In An EasyWay

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Hi. I am a student. I had stored all the data on my hard drive, and it is not working now. How to recover data from a dead hard drive? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance.

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How To Recover Data From A Dead Hard Drive In An EasyWay


Hi. To learn how to recover data from a dead hard drive, you can follow two ways. The first one being some basic steps such as put the power of the device off, plug-out the device from the PC, stop using it, for the time being, ensure that no parts belonging to it are broken. Then, try changing the cable of the drive.

Try plugging in some other controller separately, without any other device connected at that time. Plug-in another external hard drive and see if it powers up. Also, try plugging in the hard drive in another PC and try again. Alternatively, you can consider changing the controller board of the drive by inspecting the controller of the drive and checking if it can be removed without exposing the patterns if the drives, find another drive of the same configuration from sites such as eBay.

Remove the screws from the drive and then examine it to see that all the parts are connected. Next, the controller board should carefully be removed from the drive and then another working board can be attached to the failed drive. After the replacement has been done, connect the drive to the computer and test if it is working fine or not.

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