How does Quantum Computing works?

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Yesterday night when I was chatting with my friends, many of my friends are talking about quantum computing. They are saying after few years quantum computing is coming. But I did not understand the quantum computing. Actually what is quantum computing or how it will work?

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How does Quantum Computing works?


hi dear

I tell you about quantum computer work.

In the traditional model of a computer, the most basic building block – the bit, can only exist in one of two distinct states, a '0' or a '1'. So In a quantum computer the rules are changed. Not only can a qubit, exist in the classical '0' and '1' states, but it can also be in a superposition of both! In this coherent state, the bit exists as a '0' and a '1' in a particular manner. Let's consider a register of three classical bits: it would be possible to use this register to represent any one of the numbers from 0 to 7 at any one time. If we then consider a register of three qubits, we can see that if each bit is in the superposition or coherent state, the register can represent all the numbers from 0 to 7 simultaneously! A processor that can use registers of qubits will in effect be able to perform calculations using all the possible values of the input registers simultaneously. This phenomenon is called quantum parallelism, and is the motivating force behind the research being carried out in quantum computing.


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