How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows

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I need help to partition my hard drive on my Windows machine. How do I begin the process? Do I need to back-up my files on the main hard-drive before starting or it is entirely unnecessary? What precautions should I follow in carrying out the partitioning? Once I am done with the task at hand, what do I do next? I would be grateful for simple steps to accomplish my mission.

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How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows



Partitioning is a great sensitive task so it’s better to keep backup of your files. If you don’t you might be mistakenly delete your important file by deleting partition and will make you suffer a lot.

In Windows, it’s quite easy with the Disk Management. From Run, type and enter “compmgmt.msc”. From the left pane, select Storage >> Disk Management. Right-click on any of the partition on the list.

1. You can change the drive letter, used to identify the partition by selecting “Change Drive Letter and Paths”.

2. If you select “Format”, you can format the partition.

3. If you select “Extend Volume”, you can increase the size of the partition from existing free, unallocated space.

4. If you select “Shrink Volume”, you can decrease the size of any partition in MB unit.

For more details on managing partition with Disk Management, you can take a look at this tutorial.

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