The largest Storage capacity of a Hard drive

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Hello there,

Please let me borrow some of your time. I just want somebody to ask these following questions.

What is the largest storage capacity of a hard drive today?

How much would this hardware costs?

Thank you so much!

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The largest Storage capacity of a Hard drive


Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000

This is a Hitachi technology hard drive. That’s comparable to a quiet notebook drive

Here I added details about  Hitachi Deskstar 5k4000 :

Storage Memory : 4TB hard disk drive
Size :  3.5in SATA 6Gbps
Areal Density : 443 Gbit/sq in areal density.
25dB acoustic noise (A-weighted)
Motor Technology : CoolSpin motor technology
Advanced Format 4kB sector size, with 512e emulation
Buffering Speed : 32MB

Height & Width : 101.6 x 147 x 26.1mm
weidth : 690g

Price : 450$ – 460$  (US Market)

I think that’s perfect hard drive for you. You may but it for yours.


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The largest Storage capacity of a Hard drive

My Book Thunderbolt Duo dual drive storage system, introduced by Western Digital, a market leader in external storage solutions.
The product is 6 TB (Terabytes, where one Tera byte is equal to 1000 GB) large capacity customized dual drive storage system with RAID (redundant array of independent disks) 0,1 and JDOB (allocate each disk individually to a specific task) options, customer serviceable drives, and dual thunderbolt ports for daisay – chaining multiple My Book Thunderbolt Duo devices.
The product model no is WDBUPB0060JSL-NESN
The product cost 699.99 us dollars.
For further reference please visit the following link.

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