How to open OBML files on PC?

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Hello everybody,

I got a problem with OBML files. I use Opera Mini mobile browser as the default internet browsing app in my mobile.

I save several important pages while I browse them through Opera mini.

Opera mini mobile browser saves the page on *.OBML format. It is quite well-off for mobile to recall the pages.

But I failed to open these OBML files on my pc.

I tried several sort of software to open that OBML formatted files.

I searched on internet with the key word “how to open OBML files in pc”.

But I did not found any such software to support OBML files.

So, I want to know that, how to support an OBML file in a pc?

I know there must be software which supports OBML files. I am really in need of software that supports OBML.

Thank you all.

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How to open OBML files on PC?


Hi Smithkd,

There are several ways to go about your dilemma of being unable to open .obml files from your mobile to your PC.

It will require the use of Opera Mini for viewing on your PC. Here is how to start off making it work.

  • If the solution above does not seem favorable for you, having to view an application window the size of a mobile device on your PC, maybe emulating it in full screen would benefit you more. First off, we have to satisfy the requirements by making sure we have the following:

    • Java SE Development Kit (JDK)
    • Sun Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5.2
    • Install the JDK and the Wireless Toolkit. Unzip OperaMiniLargeDevice by extraction to a location of your choice. Then copy that directory to "C:WTK2.5.2wtklibdevicesOperaMiniLargeDevice1024x705". Choose "OperaMiniLargeDevice" as the default by navigating to "Start>All Programs>Sun WTK>Default Device Selection". From the "Start -> All Programs -> Sun WTK -> Run MIDP Application", start Opera Mini using its JAD file.
    • Launch Opera Mini by pressing F2. Then use the application to open your .obml file.
  • A much simpler guide for those who find the above complicated:

    • Download the latest Microemu, and unzip to your specified location.
    • Download the Opera Mini .jar and .jad files from the above 'Opera Mini Browser' link.
    • Run "microemulator.jar" by double clicking on it. You could also run it via the console by typing "java -jar microemulator.jar" without the quotes as an alternative, provided you have JRE installed.
    • Go to "Options>Select Device", click on "Add", look for "microemulatordevices" and choose "microemu-device-resizable.jar"
    • "Set as default" the "microemu-device-resizable” profile you selected.
    • Choose the size you want through “Resize”
    • Choose the “Opera Mini .jad” you downloaded via "File>Open JAD".
    • "Opera Mini" should now appear on the list of apps, "Start" to launch browser.

Please take note that the emulation methods described not only allow you to open .obml files, it could also be useful for users using slow internet dial-up connections.

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How to open OBML files on PC?


Hello smithkd!

Alright, no worries. for your issue, we just need to download a software that allows you to open OBML files.

Here are two accurate software’s that can open OBML files on a PC:

1. Opera Mini Large Device

2. MicroEmulator

Hope this helps. All the best.

Justin T.

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How to open OBML files on PC?


Hi Smithkd Opera Basic Markup Language.

This file is created by Opera Mini 4.x on the cell phone which have java enabled and JSR-75.

You can use "microemulator" to open it on the PC.
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How to open OBML files on PC?


OBML stands for Opera Binary Markup Language and is a feature available to browsers like Opera Mini and others created using the Opera Devices SDK 9.6 which is built on Presto 2.1 rendering engine.

Here’s how OBML works. When a browser rendering using OBML requests a webpage from a server, the request is sent to a large, power server farm. The server farm will then retrieves the requested webpage and converts it to OBML format.

The OBML version of the webpage will then be sent to the requesting browsing device and then displays the OBML version of the webpage.

You can’t use Google Translate to open the files as what the post above suggests. But on the other hand, there is still a way on how to open those OBML files of yours. To learn the complete procedure, you may visit

Java in the Field | Opera Mini as a PC Browser (big screen)


Java in the Field | Using Opera Mini 4.1 Features with OperaMiniLargeDevice 0.6.

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