How to make sure the web address

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Hi and good day TechyV users!

I have a problem that needs to make sure the web address. I am sick with people giving wrong email addresses and unrecognized email addresses. Here is my question, is there a way to know if the email address is valid? Any comments and solution would be nice. Thanks and have a good day!

Marilyn Creeves

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How to make sure the web address



Online, there may be many tools that claim to be capable of distinguishing correct email addresses from incorrect or fake ones. I personally tried out a few only to receive funny results. Some would validate just about anything you typed in to be correct. I tried some with addresses that I knew were non-existent (because I made them up) and received wrong results. While some tools work partially, they may not actually confirm whether the individual addresses actually exist. They may correctly go as far as verifying whether the email format or the domain part is correct of an address typed in by you.

But the tool below is excellent. It actually detected correctly the fake addresses I typed in to be wrong as well as my correct address to be correct. It also gives you some interesting feedback in a casual tone. I find it amusing. Also, it warns you, depending on your domain, if your domain accepts anything as a valid user (associated with B2B domains that have firewalls installed.) But it's a rare case.

Please try it and I am hopeful that it will suit your needs.

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