Netscape Email

Netscape Email

I’ve started getting Netflix u7361 1254 c00d36b4 error when I log in to my Netflix to watch any videos. Does anybody know the solution for this issue?

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Hey everyone,

I am receiving a lot of Spam Emails nowadays. I am irritated by that. I have used many Anti-Spam applications, but they are also not able to block Spam completely. I want the list of the Best IP Block List Providers that I can use.

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I am getting problem while sending mails using Netscape.  Whenever I try to send mails using Netscape an error message occurs saying “An error occurred while sending mail”. You can see the full error image below so kindly suggests me to fix this issue ASAP. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.


An error occurred while sending mail.

The mail server responded:

‘‹[email protected]›’ does not match anything.

Please check the message recipients and try again.

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I need help on merging my two email accounts in Eudora.

Do I need to use any browser to do this?

How can I merge the Eudora mailboxes?

Please include the step-by-step procedures on doing it correctly.


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My computer was infected by computer viruses, and other malware. I have no intentions of running or opening attachments that are sent to my  e-mail.   Can I get a virus from my computer when I read my e-mail and save the attachment? 

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Hi expert, I am mail merging via outlook. But my friend told me some spams are going on with mail merge. Please can you help me with mail merge avoid spam? Also if possible please send me some tips for sending safe via mail merge. Thank you.

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Hello expert, I am using windows 7 on my lap. I have installed a free communication software that open source SMTP. But I have a problem with open source SMTP newsletter while emailing. I cannot view the sent newsletters. Please can you help me to solve this problem? Thank you.

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Hello, I am a university student and I have to research about Google. So I want to know about different Google results. Why the Google results are different? Why we get same result same time? Please answer these two questions. Thank you. 


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Hello expert, my friend asked me how to create and send a flash animation email by using hotmail ID. Please can you suggest me about creating a flash animation email and how to send it? Than I can explain my friend.

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Hi and good day TechyV users!

I have a problem that needs to make sure the web address. I am sick with people giving wrong email addresses and unrecognized email addresses. Here is my question, is there a way to know if the email address is valid? Any comments and solution would be nice. Thanks and have a good day!

Marilyn Creeves

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