How to know if Node 1 failed to transfer?

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How will you know if Node 1 has failed to work and few resources, like Disk and SQL, were not transferred from Node 1 to Node 2? Thanks in advance!

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How to know if Node 1 failed to transfer?


You will notice if a node on your network is failing to operate properly if some of the following happens.

  • If you are not able to successfully print information from that particular node. For that you will need to check for loose cables or disconnected cables, or the network settings like the IP address, DNS and gateway settings which might not be configured properly.
  • When you cannot be able to successfully transfer data from that node to other nodes on the network. In this case too you will need to use the same troubleshooting procedure as the above.

As for the applications like SQL, you will need to check their settings, and also make sure that the applications have been properly installed.

-Mathew Stone


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