How to keep my web accounts safe from spam and intruders?

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I am have an account with one of the social networking site where recently I receive complaints from my friends that they are getting abuse mails and postings on their page by me. I was shocked to hear this since it was more than a month I have logged into my account on the social networking site .

But somehow I can understand that it is being accessed by someone and its been used to spam and do all illegal stuffs. Am much worried about this where this is the most serious issue. So please anyone here help me with some suggestions to save my account from intruders and also provide me some tips on how to protect  online entities.

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How to keep my web accounts safe from spam and intruders?


hello, in your question on how to save your account from intruders. My suggestion to you is try to  reset your password on your social networking site and choose a strong password this time.

In choosing a strong password.

– it should be at least 8 characters long and difficult to guess.

– it is advisable to combine letters and numbers.

– never make your password same as your username.

– never give anyone else your password.

To protect  from online entities, please use a secure Internet Connection. Try to change your passwords frequently but make sure you remember all of this. Delete your browsing history from your browser or disable your cookie. Some people use your browsing history to collect information and view your privacy.

I hope I answered your questions.


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How to keep my web accounts safe from spam and intruders?


I suggest that you avoid logging you accounts on computer shops because there are shops that has keyloggers installed in their units to catch what your are typing. This usually the most often way to steal your password. Now to avoid this try to avoid logging to computer shops and then ask for someone you trust to use their computer and internet.

Also always change your password every time you are logging in on a different computer but it should consist of Caps and small letters with numbers make it hard to guess for other people. There is no perfect security for accounts but for yourself only. It is only you who is responsible if your account will get attacked.

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