What is online streaming and internet browsing?

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Hello pals,

What is the difference between online streaming and internet browsing?

I Want to make sure about using  those words.


Have a great day.

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What is online streaming and internet browsing?


Hi Kristina Marcelo,

Surfing for the latest trends, gadgets, news, and informations, listening to your favorite song, album, and band, watching you favorite movies, and videos, getting connected with your friends around the world, and etc. are the things you can do with the internet. Possibilities in the internet seems endless. With just a click of your computer, you can access to a world wide number of options.

Anyway, those two common terms are pretty easy to understand actually, but in the course of making it sure, I will help you understand more what those terms really meant in the internet world as much as in the outside world.

Well, we will take first video streaming. From the word itself, it somehow means watching video. You see, streaming means that a that is constantly transferred to a viewer by its provider. Meaning, the video you are watching is streaming over the internet; thus, it is called video streaming.

Now, internet browsing simply means you are surfing around the internet, or simply using the internet over a web browser like internet explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.. Like what browsing suggests, you are browsing the information and data in the internet.

Hope it lightens up a bit.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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What is online streaming and internet browsing?


Online streaming is generally known also as internet streaming. It is a type of multimedia that is being constantly received by the users. It is delivered with the aid of an internet connection. There are two ways to watch or listen to this multimedia I am talking about. First is to download it up and watch the file after it resides there. The latter is to watch or listen to a file that is not yet being downloaded into your computer. That last option is what we refer as internet or online streaming.

On the other hand means that the browser the user is using is trying or tries to get pages from the server in an online state or with internet connectivity. The user tries inspecting the files they get and classify them to which they need. Before a user can watch or listen the files either by online streaming or to download it up, they need to browse for the files they need.

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