How to install OS in SSD and the rest on HDD?

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Hello there,

I attempted to install Windows 8 on my computer. The installation went easy but my problem is my computer becomes full with only around 60GB of installation file. I tried everything to use my 500GB hard disk, but there are still files that I couldn't save on it. Also, I have an SSD and I want to know how I can install something to it and my other files to my HDD? I mean, how can I choose which files to save on each storage. How can I avoid saving programs to my default drive (C:)? I want to save the Windows folder on SSD. Are there any other certain files from my OS that are not included in this folder? Please help me with this.


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How to install OS in SSD and the rest on HDD?


Hi Johnny,

There are two option for this kind of problem. I’ll give you some idea that can help you choose and decide which is more efficient. 

Option 1: Consider replacing your 60GB SSD with your 500GB HDD as your primary storage. In this case, you need to backup all your important files.

Then, you should re-install your preferred Windows OS to your 500GB HDD. The remaining 60GB SSD can be used as external storage or extended storage alternatively.

Option 2: You can stick to your current computer system. But you should manually save to your 500GB HDD whenever you install a new program because by default it will save directly to C partition of your hard drive where all the program files located.

You can’t set it in a way that it will save directly to your extended storage. However, you shouldn't not play around with C: programs stored there because it might cause your system fails.

I hope this information might be useful and informative. 




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