How to hide IP Address for free?

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Hi guys!

Can anyone tell me how to hide my IP Address for free? I want to enter in some restricted site and I don't want my IP address to be detected. I tried using some proxy site like but it is very slow and it takes time to load.

Please help me find some free proxy.

Thanks a lot.


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How to hide IP Address for free?


If you want to hide your IP the only solution is to use proxy. Maybe the proxy that you are using has low bandwidth that cannot handle a lot of users that’s why it gives you a slow connection. There’s lot of proxy that you can use over the Internet. All you need to do is to search through Google and try the proxy if it is qualified for you.  

You can also try to use free domains, there are some that offers cheaper services.


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How to hide IP Address for free?


Accessing restricted sites with the use of a proxy is definitely a slow progress. By the use of proxy, it'll display the website in text format, the same as a mobile phone type of Internet.

You can't hide IP Address of your computer but by the use of proxy, you'll be set as anonymous of a certain website. It'll not display your IP Address but this is at a slow moving type of web browsing.

There are numbers proxy websites available on the Internet that you can make use of it:

Most Internet service provider uses DHCP or Automatic configuration. This type of Internet protocol will auto-assigned an IP Address to your computer. So, expect to get a new IP address from time to time.

In this type of Internet connection, you won't get too worried because of this restricted sites remember or it'll display your IP Address because by the time someone else want to check your IP Address, your ISP might assign your new one.

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