Cognos Connection Network Error MES_XML_LOADSTRING_ERRO

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Hello Techyv buddies,

I am having some problems regarding the use of Cognos 10.1 and Internet Explorer 8. As we use Internet explorer 8 in accessing cognos these problems are being encountered:

Contents in the Cognos Connection will hide new items. Network error (tcp_error) in the middle of executing the report and some items while opening the report studio. MES_XML_LOADSTRING_ERRO while opening/creating reports in Analysis Studio.

I am not so sure the causes of these recurrent problems. We tried to seek the help f IBM and what they give was a generic solution. We were advice to upgrade to 10.1.1 or install a fix pack.

However, these issues were not included in their resolved PMRs. What should we do with this kind of problems?

We are really in need of a great help with this troubles. If you have any questions about the problems we encountered just let us know.

Thank you.



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Cognos Connection Network Error MES_XML_LOADSTRING_ERRO


Hello Alex,

You will need to check if there is anything special that a network printer needs to have done which may be the cause of the issue you are getting. Note that for as long as you can be able to print to the printer outside the Cognos environment, then it is possible that you can set it up in Cognos Connection so that it can successfully print.

You will also need go to the Printers and Faxes section on your computer and then  add a printer before you can go ahead and set it up in cognos connection. Ensure that you can successfully print first to that printer outside of Cognos environment.




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