How good is Mobile Spy?

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Hi All,

How good is Mobile Spy?

Can anyone help me understand this?

Thanks in advance.

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How good is Mobile Spy?


Mobile Spy is a fine and very useful program that you can install on your smartphone to supervise all the activities on your mobile phone. It can also allow you to check on the following:

1. Text Messaging – All text messages are logged even if you cleared the log files with complete details.

2. Call Log – Every incoming and outgoing calls are logged with the time duration and time stamp.

3. Messenger Log – User can look at all the messages from BB, Yahoo, Gtalk, Windows Live and AOL.

4. Email Log – The entire inbound and outbound email activity from your default email account is listed.

5. Calendar Events – All the calendar event are logged including the date, time and locations are listed.

6. Phone Usage – Summary of all the events on the phone.

7. Apps Install Log – View all the applications installed on the phone.

8. Photo & Video Log – The pictures and videos captured from your phone are also listed and can be viewed.

9. Contacts – Phone contacts are also logged and added contacts are also listed.

10. Tasks – Created tasks are logged and viewable.

11. Cell ID Locations – Inputted ID info on the cell towers are also listed.

Having the above components to your Smartphones won't let you forget important tasks, projects, information and meetings. You do not have to worry about everything because Mobile Spy will monitor it for you. You can also install this on your kids' mobile phone to ensure that they will use it for proper purposes.


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How good is Mobile Spy?


We have to admit that in today's generation, not a single person doesn't own a mobile device. We know that, this technology helps us a lot in many different ways. Yes, it does make our lives easier but, are we really using it lawfully? How about the young adult?

What do they text with each other? Mobile Spy is not just good but very helpful software to keep your monitor of the activities such as Text Message, Photo and Video Monitoring, GPS Tracking, Messenger Logs, Call Monitoring, Email Monitoring, Contacts and Notes Monitoring, SMS Commands etc. This is very useful because nowadays, everyone has their own mobiles most especially teenagers.

Everybody gets to adopt with what the technology brings in today's generation. Who will take advantage on this mobile spy?

First, this is really of great help to parents who wants to keep an eye on their children on what they are doing with their mobile devices, whether they are using it in a proper way or not.

Second, for employers who are worried that their employees might be doing some dishonest acts, or they might not tell the truth if they reported at work or not or are they exposing confidential matters already, etc.

Third, the modus operandi is taking the advantage of the use of mobile devices to victimize people in return of their monetary needs. It can also be used as a device for bomb threat and all other sinful things. Mobile spy is very convenient and easy to use. You just have to install it in a compatible device you own and you wish to monitor.

The system is compatible with most models of iPhone, Android, BlackBerry. Also compatible with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS

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How good is Mobile Spy?


Mobile spy has very many features that make it good such as; you can view every information about every call, it silently records every SMS text and you are able to view GPS at any interval you set. The tracking software works independently, it does not rely on messages or phone call to record activities, it reveals the truth about company and family, you can know everything they do on a smartphone.

The system gives ability to monitor all your activities online every time, your logs are stored and secured on your mobile spy that is only accessed by you. You can log on every time to view activities such as date, time and stamp from any location without accessing mobile phone. All logs are exported to PDF or excel for offline viewing. The live control panel is an optional interface within mobile spy that accounts all the updates and allows you to view phone screens and location on the map, you can view phone info instantly and remotely control the device.

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