How to gain back yahoo account?

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I had a yahoo account and I forget my password. Though, I remember my one secret question.

Is it possible to regain my account through it? Please help as I had important documents in my email.

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How to gain back yahoo account?



Just go to the sign in section of yahoo and click on the “I can’t access my account” option. In your case I'm assuming you know what your yahoo ID is. Select the first choice and fill in the captcha challenge. Then you will have the opportunity to answer the secret question. If you get the question right, yahoo will have verified your identity and you will be able to reset your password and select a new one there and then.

But if you fail, your best chance will be to go back and select the “I don’t remember my ID” option and enter an alternate email address that you used when you were creating this particular one. A password reset link will be posted to that yahoo account. Use it to reset your password.

Good luck.

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How to gain back yahoo account?


Yes, that’s possible before. You can recover your email account if you happen to lose the password by means of a security question you created before. You just need to follow the recovery process and enter the answer to the secret question. But that was before. At the moment, Yahoo no longer supports the secret question security feature.

This security feature was abandoned and was replaced by two-step verification which most of the popular websites are now using. Anyway, to recover your account, go to the Yahoo Home Page and click “Sign in”. Enter your username or the Yahoo email address you want to recover and click “Next”.

On the next screen, since you don’t know the password, click “Forgot password?” located just below the “Sign in” button.

After that, just follow the instructions until you recover your email account. One thing though, if you don’t have a second email address or a backup email address added to your account that can be used to recover your account, I don’t think you will be able to recover your email account.

Whatever email service you are using, you need to have a second or third email address added to your account for account recovery purposes. This will allow you to recover your account easily in case you forgot your password.

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