Difference in using Yahoo Messenger and Skype

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Ive been using Yahoo Messenger for quite some time already and Im planning to switch to  Skype.

What is the difference on using these two Instant Messengers?

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Difference in using Yahoo Messenger and Skype


Hey Megriggs!

Yahoo Messenger is one of the oldest messenger that is used by everyone. This messenger is easy to use and is very reliable. Skype is new in market but the number of users is switching toward the Skype. The reason behind this switching the quality of Skype. The Audio call and the Video call quality is good as compared to any other messenger. I personally use Skype for Audio call or Video call. I would like to recommend you to use the Skype and enjoy it’s services.

I hope that you understand it very well.


Tunacao Caaron

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Difference in using Yahoo Messenger and Skype


 Hey Megriggs,

Since last 5 years I am using yahoo as well as Skype. Both are very good instant Messengers. Now I will come to your question "What is the difference on using these two Instant Messengers".

Yahoo messenger advantages over Skype

"Free" text messaging feature.

Value added services like online games with friends and quick sharing of photographs. Additionally 'Audibles' animated emoticons that speaks will make your chatting experience tremendously entertaining.

Quick update about user's status.

Provide VOIP support for Computer to Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone to Computer at very low cost and free Voice mail service.

Real time photo sharing , real time video sharing , HD video chat ,aggregate you social network IM to message integration etc . This are services not supported by Skype.

Most important provide chat rooms to do some healthy time pass. 🙂

Skype messenger advantages over yahoo

Very good quality for audio and video call service.

provides integration of other social sites like Facebook (Now a days many start their day with log in into Facebook)

Very good feature of screen sharing is available so no need to use team viewer.

To get some good quality of service need to pay little high rate than yahoo. But nothing is free in this world.

Good support team to solve all doubt and query.

Value added services like group chatting regular basis updates of features.

Personally I will suggest Skype. Because quality matters for me. For you It depends upon your requirement and priority. Choose wisely which service you would like.


Some times you have to change IM due to your friends and family. It may possible you like to use Skype but all your friends are still using yahoo or You like to use yahoo but all your friends are using Skype. So If friends are not online to whom you will communicate. 🙂

I was facing same issue so I come to a common solution "  https://imo.im/ " This site provide access to all well know IM's.

You can link all IM account. Just log in to any one and chat with all IM friends. If you want more idea about it let me know I will explain you in details.

One more alternative "Windows live messenger" . It support all services supported by yahoo as well as Skype. Also some value added services not supported by yahoo and Skype like video messages, status by category ,partner API and support for all operating system on mobile.

Let me know if you have any doubt and want more information in any regards.


Digesh Patel

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