What are those possible private message script?

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Hi guys,

What are those possible private message script? I would like to make some chatting session in my website. A live chat session to be used by some customers when asking inquiries and questions regarding my service and products. I hope you can share with me some possible codes.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What are those possible private message script?



Hi Mellisa Wright

I need to know which platform you have used to build your web site. If you have used any kind of CMS like , WordPress, Joomla or other there has many third party plugins for private chat. Or if you have used row PHP then you can used phpFreeChat is a very useful free script, it is very simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage.

It uses AJAX to smoothly refresh (no flicker) and display the chat zone and the nickname zone. It supports multi-rooms (/join), private messages, moderation (/kick, /ban), customized themes based on CSS and plugins systems that allows you to write your own storage routines (ex: Mysql, IRC backends …), and you own chat commands !



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