How to fix PC reset problem

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Recently, I replaced my motherboard, PSU, HDD, CPU and its Video Card. I reset everything and the new specs are:

From Corsair 750, I changed it to Thermaltake 850

From Z77Extreme 4, I replaced it with Z77Extreme 4

From Seagate, I changed it to Kingston 300v

From i5 2500, I upgraded it to i5 3570k

From MSI GTX 670, I changed it to old ATI 4870

My computer normally resets in BIOS than in Windows. I also purchased a new RAM but it always has errors when running a memtest. I tried every slot on my CPU but it failed. I don't know what is the issue as everything is new. Can someone please help me?


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How to fix PC reset problem


I think what you mean by reset is it suddenly restarts for no reason. I wish you posted more specific information about the specifications of your computer and not the voltages of the devices, it doesn’t help. If you say all parts are brand new, check again if they are all connected properly.

Sometimes if you let other technicians build your CPU or I mean connect all its parts, sometimes there are parts that don’t connect too well. If you have knowledge on how to attach different parts like the power connector for the motherboard, the memory cards, the video card, the network card, sound card, put jumper to both hard drive and optical drive, and connect both their power cables and ribbon cables, it would be best to assemble it yourself.

If it resets very frequently before even Windows starts than when the system has already booted, there is probably a loose part in the CPU. It is also possible that it is caused by the operating system itself. This happens when the operating system is not installed properly like for example you already received different errors when you are installing it.

It is always important to not receive any errors during the installation. Another possible reason is a conflict or faulty driver. Check again the drivers that come with your devices like for the video card, sound card, and network card. Try updating all drivers from the devices’ home page and also make sure that all drivers support your operating system.

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