MetroPCS’s voice over LTE service

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Though MetroPCS is not so great name in the market but their ambition is quite high. Keeping their high ambition alive, they have launched the voice over LTE service. But how is it going to be?

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MetroPCS’s voice over LTE service


Hi Bob,

Metro PCS is aiming to start LTE service since long. Right now they have started their LTE service with a tiny footprint. They are providing their services with only 1 phone LG Connect 4G .

Right now the service is available in Dallas only but they are planning to spread their footprint. Users notice clear voice calls when they are in an LTE coverage area. Metro PCS have done a good job in this regard. They are the 1st voice over LTE service providers in the market.

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MetroPCS’s voice over LTE service


Dear User,

There are a lot of unknown variables facing the service that is being offered by Metro PCS.

1. Voice over LTE is much like VOiP over you broadband connection. Instead of losing a signal you would lose packets on this system. Cellular phones for this technology are still new.

2. Roaming charges and other things that we run into normally on our cellular contracts will be different with this service.

3. Continuity of service may be an issue. When moving from an LTE service area to an area it does not cover.

4. Because the frequency is much higher for this service, it will not travel as far and will need a lot more power at the tower to transmit as broad a coverage map as normal cellular systems.

5. The great thing is, is that cellular providers can use a higher frequency to transmit their service. Keeping it out of the reach of a majority of interfering frequencies. It will probably be more reliable.

Ultimately I think cellular companies moving to this type of service will be more cost efficient and have less bugs than the current cellular system when all is said and done. Metro PCS looks like a good service to go with. As long as your in or near a major city it looks well covered.

Also Sprint and Verizon have plans to come out with LTE service in 2013 as well. So if you want to go with a bigger company you can wait until they release theirs and more bugs have been worked out of the process.


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