How to fix Legacy Groove and MS Groove Issue

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I have deleted MS – Office 2007 and upgrade with MS-Office 2010 Pro Plus. But I am having error installing MS – Office 2010.

It keeps saying, “Setup has detected legacy groove and Microsoft Groove Sever software on this system.

You must uninstall all legacy Groove and Microsoft Groove Server software before installing or upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Workspace.

For more information, see your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace administrator.” When I searched on the web for some solutions, I found out that I should open my Groove and follow what was written in the error message.

But I cannot open my Groove. Now, I just want to restore my old MS-Office 2007 but I don’t have any installation disk with me.

What should I do?

Kindly please help me resolve this.

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How to fix Legacy Groove and MS Groove Issue


Hey Nick Thompson, it detected that you have a previous installation of Microsoft Groove which is in the old Microsoft office installed to your computer, so you just only need to uninstall your previous Microsoft Groove installed to your P.C. after that you can now install your Microsoft office 2010.

In your problem in your restoring your old MS office, it’s now impossible if you don’t have installation C.D.

You just need to borrow to your friend or worst is to buy.

Next time make sure that you have a back up of your installer just in case on future like this one.

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How to fix Legacy Groove and MS Groove Issue


It seems that before even installing Microsoft Office 2010 you already did something wrong to the previous version, Microsoft Office 2007. When you want to remove a program or an application on your computer it doesn’t mean you will delete it. Doing this will cause different complications on your computer which will surely prevent you from installing other versions of Microsoft Office.

Removing a program from the computer needs to be done either from the Add or Remove Programs or using the Uninstall option of the application. But in Microsoft Office it doesn’t include Uninstall option and you need to remove it in the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

Since you already tried installing Microsoft Office 2010, you need to discontinue with the installation until you properly uninstalled Microsoft Office 2007. Since you already deleted it, try restoring it from the Recycle Bin if it’s still possible. But if not, you need to install Microsoft Office 2007 again to restore all deleted files.

After reinstalling it, you may now properly uninstall it. Click Start, Control Panel, and then select Add or Remove Programs. Find Microsoft Office in the list of programs and then click Remove. See image.

Follow the succeeding instructions and wait for it to finish. After uninstalling restart your computer and then proceed on installing Microsoft Office 2010.

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