MS Groove

MS Groove

I'm tackling a gui that can after all be pretty substantial. I've got a prevailing window with tabbed interface, menus and toolbars. Utilizing the "single inheritence" model if that matters. Recently I've felt that I desire to part up the ui shape into numerous records, possibly one for every tab.

I think this is plausible, I unequivocally situated the guardian to every "page" widget to be the tab "page".
Depending on if this genuinely is conceivable, is it accurate to say that it is fitting? Can you suggest some large form design best practices?
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Hello all

I am using Microsoft SharePoint workspace previously known as Microsoft office groove for document collaboration with my team. I recently tried to download an item in SharePoint workspace but unfortunately I got an error. When I clicked the resolve error button nothing was resolved , instead the same error returned back again. The error reads as:


The screenshot of the error is attached below:

An unknown error occurred

Sync Information

An unknown error occurred while attempting to synchronize this tool.

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I have a problem with my Microsoft groove which is totally annoying my works. When I try to use or log in my groove it will pop up the MS groove wizard. Which is a disturbance for me. I can't find a way to deactivate this.

Some one please help me with this.

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After installing Office 2010 and downloaded all workspaces, all workspaces are no longer Sync with my peers and all our my docs have become out of date.

OS – Win7 Ultimate;  Office Edition is 2010 64bit

Our configuration does not involve a groove server, just the clients 10. One Workspace is 1.5GB and another is 600mb. Some other clients are using Office 2007.

Checking Communication Manager status for all Workspaces are Idle.

All 8 members are visible. A Network diagnostic refresh in Advanced network settings indicates no errors. What's the problem?

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What are the uses of Microsoft Office Groove 2007 and what is it all about?

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How can i avoid Microsoft Groove from popping up every time i switch on and start my computer? I unchecked Groove related entries from start up tab in MSCONFIG but it did not solve the case.

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When starting Microsoft Groove 2007 workspace, I get the following error:

Error opening binary file store database.

I'm trying to run my MS Groove workspace from MS Groove 2010. How can I resolve the issue? Right now my temporary solution is be to close MS Groove using Task Manager and start all over again. But this gets a bit annoying because I need to do this from time to time. 

What is the permanent solution for this problem I'm having?

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What are the specific procedures in adding a SharePoint file tool a workspace in Groove 2007?

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I have installed Microsoft Office along with the word, excel there is Microsoft Office Groove. What for Microsoft Office Groove is used for? I want to know and use all the tools in Microsoft Office.



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I have installed the MS groove in my home computer.

I just want to ask how can a Grove user back up all the files in all workspaces?

I'm a newbie so please help me.


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