How To Fix A Disabled ipod Due To Wrong Passwords Entered.

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If you have an iOS device and you enter a wrong password for 6 times, your device will be locked and disabled. That means all the data in it will be lost, until and unless a back-up is done. How to fix a disabled iPod?

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How To Fix A Disabled ipod Due To Wrong Passwords Entered.


iPad, iPod, iPhone devices have a feature to lock themselves when 6 wrong passwords are entered. The entire data present in it has to be removed in order to solve the issue. If you have not taken a back-up, then you will have to lose all the data to retrieve your device.


1) WITH iTunes

Your device must be synced with iTunes to restore your data.

Open iTunes using other device and enter the passcode or go to recovery mode.

Wait till iTunes get sync with your device and back-up process starts.

When the process is done, click Restore.

Then click Restore from iTunes device.

Select the backup on the basis of size and date.

2) WITH iCloud

Using another device, go to

sign in with your Apple ID.

From the list, select the device required to be erased.

Press ‘erase’.

You can restore by clicking Restore from a back-up.


Connect your device to some other device, force reboot it. Press the wake and home buttons simultaneously.

When you see the Apple logo, and then the recovery mode screen , release the buttons.

Click ‘restore’.

Choose Restore from the options. iTunes will download. Wait till the process gets completed.

Then you can use your device.

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