How To Fix A Broken Computer. Explain Detail About.

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Any broken/infected part of a computer can be harmful for its performance. But some problems can be solved at personal level. Computer repair is necessary because we rely on the system for our personal as well as professional life. how to fix a broken computer on your own?

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How To Fix A Broken Computer. Explain Detail About.



PC can freeze when there exists some hardware/ software problem. You should know the exact reason for the issue. If it occurs when you connected any peripheral, then the reason is driver conflict.

You can solve the problems of computer freeze by the following steps:

1) Plug off your computer and give it a little bit of rest. This will allow the hardware to reset and memory will be cleared.

2) See if the system is too hot. For this you need to open the computer cabinet. Before that make sure to turn off the computer and remove the plug as well.

3) You can use the diagnostics options:

  • Restart your computer.
  • If you have a Dell computer, press F12 to go to the diagnostic menu. Use the arrow keys to scroll up and down.
  • If you have a HP computer, press F2 to go to the diagnostic menu.
  • Click on startup test -> quick -> one pass to start with the testing process.

Note down the error codes. You can consult the internet, manufacturer or a technician to solve the problems.

4) Look at the device drivers. While doing an update, incorrect drivers may be downloaded and installed. You can check them from device manager. A device with yellow exclamation has error in it. You can do the system restore which will bring the system back to the earlier state of drivers.

You can go to system restore by:

Start->programs -> accessories -> system tools -> system restores.

5) Inspect the hard disk. It stores a lot of data, if we use the system for a longer time; it gets patchy and starts working slow. Use the windows utility to remove the bad sectors.

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