How to fix a black laptop screen?

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I just opened my laptop, but it seems that it hangs with a black screen. It is still working when I last used it, so I don’t know what is causing it to stop working. The power lights are working and blinking, and the mouse pointer is there but beside that, there is nothing more I can see. I am using Windows Vista,and my laptop is made from Acer. Please help me.


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How to fix a black laptop screen?



Hi Johnny. We need to do a lot of troubleshooting since we are unsure of what the problem really is. Follow the steps below to locate the cause of a black screen on your laptop.

  • If you cannot see anything on your laptop screen, try to listen to the sound from your laptop and make sure it sounds like it is booting. If it doesn’t boot properly or the sounds is different from the usual sounds you can hear when opening it, try the following:

1.       If you can see a partial picture visible on your screen, it is often because of your laptop brightness that is set to a power setting and causing it to decrease the brightness. Please check on the setting if it is not set to power saving setting. Or try increasing the brightness of your laptop. Setting the brightness of your laptop may be different from each other, check on your manual or try pressing FN on the keyboard plus F6 or F7 or FN plus arrow up and down.

2.       Try connecting a monitor or other external display to check that there is no problem with your laptop video adapter. If the external display works, then there is an issue with your laptop display. To connect a monitor to your laptop, connect it in the 15-pin video connection located on the side of your laptop.

  • If all of the above is still not working, it may be because of a hardware issue. The most common are:

             Loose cables

             Broken LCD

             Broken Backlight

             Broken LCD power inverter

  • If your laptop is still under warranty, contact your manufacturer to get it repaired.
  • Or you can also, take out the battery of your laptop then remove your AC adapter cord. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds. In this way the static electricity will be drain. After 30 seconds, connect the laptop to the wall power and press the power button in a normal way and check if the laptop comes back. If so replace your battery.
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How to fix a black laptop screen?


The troubleshooting is easy so I manage to fix the problem. Thank you for helping me out. You are really the best!

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