How to Extend free Wi-Fi service

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My current location has a free Wi-Fi service but it is only available outside the house. I want to know now if I can extend its service inside my house so I can use it inside the house with my Mac laptop. If yes, how can I set it up? I will use my Mac Airport Express to connect. Please help me so I can enjoy this free service. Thank you.

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How to Extend free Wi-Fi service


Hello Alexis Campbell,

I am trying to figure out why the wi-fi is only accessible from outside the house and not inside. Is not yours, and therefore you are trying to tap the wi-fi network from someone who is located close to you? If that is the case then it is possible that the wi-fi network signal cannot only be strong up to the point where you are able to access it from outside the house.

And therefore if you need to access the wi-fi network, you will need to talk to the person who has that network so that you can buy a router to boost the signal so that you can access it from the inside of your house, but that will mean that you will have to share the costs of when it comes to paying the service provider.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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How to Extend free Wi-Fi service



Its great good to know you have got a free WiFi near your house but unable to get inside your house.So,the problem will be Wi-Fi cant reach inside your home so what you have to do is just keep your laptop near windows and try to connect.Actuall Wi-Fi cant reach everywhere.,It depends.Trying to connect near doors and windows may be successful in your case.

Then the thing is to connect using your mac computer,using Mac Airport Express.

Let me show how to change Automatically connect to wireless network as follows

Start out with Apple –>system preferences and choose Network. It'll look like this:

change Location to Automatic

and select preferred network in By default ,join:

I think by this you ll get connected to the wireless connection detected.

If any questions please ask.


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