How effective is NWFS data recovery freeware?

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Hallo Guys!

I have lost my data on my hard disk due to a virus attack. I have tried several data recovery software but none of them has given me positive results. A friend recommended NWFS data recovery freeware with no background information. I would therefore like to know how effective this freeware is and how it compares with the others.

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How effective is NWFS data recovery freeware?


Hello Jeremy,

NWFS data recovery from Stellar is probably one of best software for NWFS data recovery. I have read a lot of reviews and most of them point towards the Stellar Phoenix Novell Data Recovery software. I hope I have cleared all your issues.

Thank you for choosing, Good day.


Luz M Terry

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How effective is NWFS data recovery freeware?


If a computer is infected with a virus, system performance is affected. You usually get longer boot time, longer application launch, high CPU usage though no program is running, and so on. If you think your computer is infected, update your antivirus then perform a full system scan. You can also use a virus removal tool like Sophos.

Download Sophos Virus Removal Tool and install. Once installed, start Sophos then wait for the virus signature database to get updated. When updating is complete, click to start scanning your computer. Sophos scans everything on your computer including devices connected via USB port. When a virus is found at the end of the scan, remove it then repeat the scan over and over until it no longer detects a virus.

Don’t disable your antivirus when using the tool. Sophos works alongside any antivirus program you may have. Note: this is not an antivirus so don’t use it as replacement to your antivirus. It is just a tool to remove hard-to-detect viruses. It doesn’t have real-time protection like what antivirus programs provide.

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