How to edit my photo in iPhone app photo layout?

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How to edit my photo in the iPhone app photo layout? I just got this new iPhone and still unfamiliar with the buttons, feature and other applications. I need you to guide me along the process on how to edit my photo in the photo layout application, a step by step process will do. I also want to hear your opinions about the iPhone.

Thank you.

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How to edit my photo in iPhone app photo layout?


If your iPhone is running with IOS device, then you can make basic edits to your photos. Select the photo you want to edit and tap the Edit button, which display lists of buttons on the bottom of the screen.

The button with a curved arrow facing up lets you rotate the photo. Each time you tap the button, the photo rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise.

This feature automatically corrects the color, brightness, and contrasts of the .To auto-enhance your photo, tap the button that looks like a magic wand. Tap twice to turn on and off.

Red Eye Removal
This feature removes the red from the eyes which appears like a red circle with a line. To use it, zoom in on the red eye and tap each eye that needs to be corrected. Then tap the Apply button to get the people looking normal again.

Tap the far right corner button to crop an image which puts the image in a grid. Drag to set the crop area. Only some part of the photo will be retained when you do so. Then tap Crop button to accept.

The Constrain button at the bottom of the screen offers a number of preset sizes that are common to photo prints and screen sizes. To use one of those instead of cropping manually, tap the Constrain button and select an option.

After selections were made, you can tap the Crop button to create a cropped image. Then save the edited images by tapping the Save button.

Hope the above information helps you better.

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How to edit my photo in iPhone app photo layout?


Hi Davis Miller,

I have seen a site that provides some steps on how to edit photos using an iPhone App. It also describes the use of every enhancers. Kindly Check the links below:

IPod About: Editing Photos in the iPhone Photos App

Hope that it would be helpful for you.

Thanks and more power.

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