How to draw uml diagrams quiz system

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Hi guys,

I want to build a quiz system for my little boy homework, and the teacher requires using uml diagrams. Which application can I use and how to use it to draw uml diagrams quiz system?


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How to draw uml diagrams quiz system



 There are so many tools available in market where using them you can easily draw UML diagrams.

I am listing few of them here:

1]UML Diagrams Tool By visual paradigm

2] Online UML diagram by gliffy

3] UML by diagramming

4] Eclipse also provide this facility

5] UML 2.0 tool

These are few tools available in market.


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How to draw uml diagrams quiz system



Creating UMLs for kids might be a little tricky because they’re usually used by software developers and engineers.
Anyway I have two UML tools in mind that can be of help to you.
Both have simple stencils and you can create color diagrams to make it look interesting for children.
yUML Is a free online tool for creating UML diagrams. Here you can embed your diagrams to your blog, attach to emails and wikis. You can also export it so you can post it in forums or as blog comments.
And since you will be using it to your kids, you can copy and paste the diagrams created to MS Word or to PowerPoint presentations.
Edraw Is a software that provides a lot of clip-arts which might probably be useful for kid’s presentations.
This software cost around 100USD though, but it’s worth-it if you want fancy stencils, and powerful flowchart capability.
It is self-teaching software designed for someone without training.  
Here’s a sample of what you can do using Edraw.
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How to draw uml diagrams quiz system


Hi Buckmaster Pulse,

I have an application to create UML diagrams. It really works to create your desired diagram using a quiz system. I suggest you use EDraw Soft Diagrammer 2.5 and EventStudio Sequence Diagram Designer 2.5 software. Both are so useful for creating diagrams, and you can also use them to read the diagram attached.


Maxwell Mark

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