How to download fonte new cuisine?

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Hi techyv.

I am a chef. My boss assigned me to make new unique recipe. He told me to download font new cuisine so that I can get new recipe on it. Please help me where to find and how to use this software please help I really don’t know about software.

Thank you.

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How to download fonte new cuisine?


Hey Elija,

It's not problematic. You go to the following link: Here, you can download software for recipes called Cookbook Wizard.

First choose USA location as in the picture below and then download the software.

Cookbook Wizard

After downloading, it will open the box Cookbook Wizard as in the photo below.

Welcome to Cookbook Wizard

You should click Next, Next, Next and Next. Then you will see the button Install and click it. Then confirm next one more time and after that click Finish.

That's it! Now, you have your cool software. You can open it by double click on its shortcut on your desktop (or if there isn't any it would be practical to do it so go to Start menu – All programs – Cookbook Wizard for Windows 2.0 – Cookbook for Windows and right click on it and select Create a shortcut or Send to desktop.

Also, there are more software from fonts new cuisine which you check on the following link: if you want to use some other.

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