Understanding Denial of Service attack definition

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Define Denial of Service attack definition properly. Give a daily life example to understand it more precisely. What are the major symptoms of DoS attacks?

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Understanding Denial of Service attack definition


A Denial of Service (DoS) attack is to make a network or machine unavailable to its intended users such as to debar the services of a server connected to internet. When the attack source is more than one, then it is called Distributed Denial of Service attack. A real life example is such as: Suppose a group of people is trying to enter into a shop through a single gate because of which the permissible people are unable to enter, disturbing the normal operations.

The symptoms of DoS attack are:

• Slow network performance (accessing web pages)

• A particular website not available

• Websites not accessible

• Large number of Spam E-mails

• Wired or Wireless connection disabled

• Denial of Access to Internet services for a long time

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