How does Facebook manage all the user passwords?

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Hello! I have always looked at big systems like Google, Facebook etc and always wondered how they store so much data in such an efficient manner. Storing data is jus one aspect, keeping it secure, I think it is more important than anything else. I don't know but I really want to know how Facebook stores all the passwords of their users in a database. I mean their should be some dedicated database or something like that which is fully secured and where all the passwords are stored and retrieved all the time, right? Can someone elaborate more about how Facebook stores and used the passwords of its users?

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How does Facebook manage all the user passwords?


Facebook uses distributed data store technology to store the data of user. Distributed data store is a storage network where a single information is stored on more than one node. The total information is divided first and then encrypted. After that it is distributed throughout the distributed data storage network.

Apache Cassandra is the open source distributed database management system used by Facebook. It can handle large amount of data which are distributed across many networks. This management system provides high availability and no single point of failure.

Apache HBase is another open source distributed database used by Facebook messaging platform. This is developed by Apache software foundation.

Facebook has their own dedicated storage. They use very large building only to install storage. Facebook already built two huge data center in USA and two are in under construction. They also lease data center space from third party. All the data in Facebook are encrypted.


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