Unwanted e-mails or spam e-mails

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I always get unwanted emails in my yahoo mail account. I usually get 15-25 e-mails a day. Anybody out there can help get rid of these e mails as they are not important to me.

I have tried to limit my internet access and usage of my yahoo account but all in vain, I still receive the same spam e-mails. Most of them are ATM card, Lottery Loan, for further studies I really want to stop them completely from coming into my yahoo mail.

Please help me sort out my yahoo account. 

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Unwanted e-mails or spam e-mails


Well, I guess, I would suggest to learn the fact that spam email is part of our daily routine when going online. There will always someone out there that will do these things to either promote their product or to just fool you around.

Spam will always be there no matter what. However, what we can do is to accept the fact that they exist. We can't get rid of them completely but we can minimized spam email from receiving.

Most email provider or perhaps all have this feature that block or report email as a spam. This alerted authorities that the email address or the sender will be listed in the black/block list of spam email.

Log-in to your Yahoo Account
Click Inbox and it display list of email messages
Put a check of the email messages that you consider as spam
Click the button report as spam in the top part of the screen
The next time you receive an email from them, it'll directly saved in junk folder or spam folder

You can also filter all addresses that comes in to your inbox. Block email addresses not known to you or not saved to your address book. You can explore this settings and take advantage of if you are easily annoyed or pissed off by these so-called spammers. 

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Unwanted e-mails or spam e-mails


This is simply by selecting the email (checking the checkbox just in the left side of the email in your inbox) then click the “spam” button. This will move the email you have selected to the Spam folder and next time this email address sent you another spam message, they will be redirected to your spam folder. By click the Empty link, all spam folder contents will be deleted. But be careful in deleting the spam folder contents. Sometimes important emails are redirected on the spam folder so you must check them first before deleting.

It is hard to block these spammers because they are using a lot of email addresses so we don’t have a permanent solution for this but to put them in our spam folder.

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