How Does an Email server Works?

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I am new user of Internet networking. Please give me the full and illustrated description of email servers.

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How Does an Email server Works?


Hello Jahidur,

While sending an email, the email goes through a server which is called SMTP. Its Simple mail transfer protocol server. Each and every email includes the sender's address along with the recipient's address so once the email is sent the SMTP Server passes the mail to another SMTP Server and this is how the mail reaches the receiver's destination.

After that the POP3 Server which is called Post Office Protocol servers does the work of receiving the email and storing them in the receiver's folder and it is stored until the recipient checks it.

Now once you download the attachment from the POP3 Server, this server no more holds  the copy of the email and therefore it is not possible to check the email from another computer and that is the reason IMAP4 which is known as Internet Message Access Protocol plays its role of retaining the copy of the email, even if it is a download so that you can check it out from other computers from different locations as well.

Hope it helps!!


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How Does an Email server Works?


Have you ever send a greeting, birthday, thank you card to anyone? Miles away from you? Let's say for example, you want to say thank you and you want send a thank you card.

A simple description is as follow;

You – Sender
Me – Receiver
Data – Birthday Card
SMTP – Mr. Postman
Server – Post office

The starting point, you write (data) a letter then to the mailbox/post office (Server) then Mr. Postman (SMTP) travel will locate your address to deliver the mail (data). The mail (data) then receives by you (receiver) and we have a cycle.

This is the exact illustration of a email server description but it uses the Internet, not the typical snail mail.

From destination A to destination B following the path line using SMTP protocol passed by server to server until it reaches the correct email address.

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