How does Cloud Servers Process the Data so Fast?

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The idea of cloud computing is a relatively new concept that I haven’t grasped its functionality. I don’t quite understand how cloud servers give results almost instantaneously assuming that Google servers have literally Petabytes of data which makes it highly costly to run on a SSDs system. I am wondering whether there is some form of hierarchy that masks latency. Shouldn’t it take a considerable amount of time to communicate with the server? I would appreciate if someone could explain how cloud computing works and why is it very fast.

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How does Cloud Servers Process the Data so Fast?


Hi Robert,

Considered to be one of the fastest-rising technologies today, cloud computing basically means that the servers and data of companies would be available over the internet 24/7. It would be stored, easily accessed  and can be managed with urgent availability rather than being stored and saved on Hard Drives on computer or servers managed by the IT Department. Its benefits are what have drawn large scale businesses to switch to it. Cost effective as the fee incurred would be less than if you buy the IT infrastructure yourself. Due to its scalability, there won’t be huge traffic spikes. Data can be accessed via the web browser for easy and fast access. It can be beneficial for small scale business as they tend to have less manpower to handle IT.

It is easily accessible and fast because the information are stored on several servers so that multiple users can access it right away.


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