Challenges encountered in Cloud Computing in terms of Security

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I would like to know the challenges encountered in cloud computing security and how to answer the security and privacy concerns of the users.

We would be using cloud computing and your input would be appreciated.

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Challenges encountered in Cloud Computing in terms of Security


Hi Sachi,

Following are the challenges in cloud computing computing security:
1. One of the major cloud security issues is encryption. If data is processed in the cloud it needs to be decrypted, while some providers don't even offer encryption. And if encryption is used, key management becomes a big issue.
2. The role of network security decreases when moving into the cloud, making user-based controls more critical.
3. A key area to focus on is a federation, which allows SSO [single sign-on].Not every cloud is equal. A majority of providers doesn't support SAML [Security Assertion Markup Language].
4. Another challenge in cloud is user authentication. Which user can do what in the cloud. Not all providers support that role-based access control.
5. Losing physical security is another issue. In a shared pool outside the enterprise, you don't have any knowledge or control of where the resources run. Simply because you share the environment in the cloud, may put your data at risk of seizure.
For more information please refer, From Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security by John W. Rittinghouse and James F. Ransome. New York: Auerbach Publications, 2009.

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