Add New Words On Microsoft Word Dictionary In MS Word 2007

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Hi, I am trying to add new words to my Microsoft Word dictionary, but it seems I am not able to execute it properly. Could you show how to add a new word in Word 2007? Appreciate the help, thanks.

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Add New Words On Microsoft Word Dictionary In MS Word 2007


To add new words to the Microsoft Word dictionary, a new custom dictionary can be created, or the standard dictionary is modified. Follow these steps to see how it is done:

  1. Click on the Microsoft Office button at the top left corner.
  2. Select “Proofing” from “Options.” Make sure that “Suggest from Main Dictionary Only” is turned off.
  3. Click on “Custom Dictionaries” to open its dialog box. All dictionaries are listed here, with the default one on top.
  4. Select the dictionary according to your choice, and Click on “Edit Word List” option.
  5. To add a word, type it out in the “Word(s)” box and then select “Add.”
  6. To delete a word, select the word in the “Dictionary” box and select “Delete.”

You can also add words on the runtime, by selecting the word in your document, right-clicking on it and selecting the “Add to Dictionary” option.

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Add New Words On Microsoft Word Dictionary In MS Word 2007


In Microsoft Office Word, adding words to the dictionary is pretty easy and there are two ways to do it. First option of adding words to the dictionary is with the “Add to Dictionary” option. This option is available only while you are composing your document and you typed a misspelled word. You will know it is a misspelled word because it has a red markup.

Check the spelling of the marked misspelled word. If you know the spelling is correct, you can add it to the dictionary by right-clicking on the word and select “Add to Dictionary”. This adds the word to the dictionary and removes the red markup on the word. The second option is to add the word to the dictionary manually.

In Microsoft Office Word, click the Office button or “File” then select “Options”. In Microsoft Office Word 2003, go to “Tools” then “Options”. In “Options” window, go to “Spelling & Grammar” tab then under “Spelling” section, click “Custom Dictionaries”. In “Custom Dictionaries” screen, click “Modify”. On the next screen, enter the word you want to add to the dictionary.

Make sure the spelling of the word is correct then click “Add”. When you are finished adding words to the dictionary, click “OK” all throughout and that’s it.

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