How Doclock In Clock Out Sheet Used?

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The various time tracking apps make use of clock-in-clock-out sheet to maintain the reports of their employees’ work. Is there any prerequisite needed to use them, and can any employee or a third party can misuse or alter the information recorded?

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How Doclock In Clock Out Sheet Used?


The only requirement for using the clock in and clock out sheets are the internet connection, the application installed on your device and the knowledge of using it. If you have an app that also saves the location of an employee, then the GPS of the tool should also be switched on. As far as the question ‘how to use the sheets?’ is concerned, each time tracking app has different time sheet and most of them almost similar toan excel sheet with various fields to be filled by you. An example of a weekly time sheet is as shown below:

Similar to this, there can be bi-weekly, monthly or even yearly time sheet depending on the number of employees in a company. A time sheet can also have record location system that tracks the location of the employee using GPS.

Now coming to the ‘misusing or altering of the information’ part; the time sheets are being managed by secure software and the dominant authority lies with the top management of the company. Each app giving the services of time tracking have their particular way of preventing misuse, some of them for example;

·       Allows employee to change check out time only backwards;

·       Do not allow an employee to check in until the GPS is enabled;

·       Provides authority to the top manager as to whether the employee can make changes in the sheet or not;

·       And gives each company unique id for their employees to login so that no third party can gain access to it.

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