Formula of result by using a condition.

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I am using a Microsoft Excel document by using office 2003.

Here, I have three fields (Name, Total Number, Result).

Now I want to use a formula in result field which can be displayed that 40% out of 1000 will Pass and below 40% will Fail.

What can I do to solve this problem?

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Formula of result by using a condition.


Suppose you have those figures on your cells and want to have that kind of formatting. Use the formula "If( condition, value_if_true, value_if_false )" and type it on the formula bar. Let's say on your end, your result should be displayed on the C column down.

Based on your figure, go to cell C2 and on the formula bar type the formula "=If( B2>=400, "Pass", "Fail" )".

Since your passing is 40% of 1000 so that is 400 out of 1000.

So, if on the B column (since it is the cell that we are going to evaluate) is greater than or equal to 400 then it would return a value as true, hence the value of  "Pass" and if false it returns as "Fail".

Hope this helps.

Thank you

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Formula of result by using a condition.



  • You need to use a function in order to do this. The Excel Iff functions takes the format =if(test condition, value if true, value if false).
  • In this case, your test condition is whether the total mark is less than 40% of 1000. The value if true is "fail" and the value if false is 'pass".
  • You will therefore need to use the formula: =IF (B2< 40%*1000,"fail","pass") typed in cell C2. The formula is the copied and pasted to the rest of the cells.

Notice that

  • Since the "pass" and "fail" are characters strings, they are in quotes.
  • Instead of 40%*1000, you could as well have used 400

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