How to protect my computer from Virus threat and attacks?

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I want to protect my computer from virus. It already has a lot of files, folders and many other important things. Still now, if I create any doc file, I cannot find it without search. I cannot realize why? I think, it is virus infected. If so, now give me a solution. How can I protect my PC from viruses? Its so much painful.
Thank you.
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How to protect my computer from Virus threat and attacks?


Hi! There,

I understand your problem and I also had the same problem in the past, it had caused me so much headache. One way to solve your problem, as explained by above answer, is to use an Antivirus. You can use free Antiviruses such as Avast Antivirus or AVG. Download them, install them, update the virus definitions, and then scan your computer. Yes, sometimes you need to have more than one Antivirus because sometimes an Antivirus can't detect all the viruses in a computer.
The other way to solve your problem is by doing a complete clean up to your system. First, back up any important files and folders that you might have in your computer (make sure to exclude everything that ended with .exe, as it might be already infected with a virus) to an external drive such as external hard drive or DVD, then reinstall your operating system.
The easiest and the safest way to solve it, however, is to take your computer to a computer store to be checked. It might cost you some money, but it'll be guaranteed that the viruses will be gone and all your important data will be safe.
Hope that helps!

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