How to remove appcleaner Adobe cs 5 uninstall process?

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How can I remove the Adobe CS5 through AppCleaner? I need the step-by-step process and is there any harm or issues that will occur while uninstalling it through AppCleaner?


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How to remove appcleaner Adobe cs 5 uninstall process?


Hi Samantha,

-Are you trying to remove "Appcleaner”?

If yes, and you are using a Mac, simply look for it under your "Application" and drag it to your trash.  (Go to Application > Utilities > then drag Appcleaner to Trash)

-Or are you trying to remove "Adobe CS 5" by using Appcleaner?

That is possible by simply dragging the application into Appcleaner for removal. Alternatively, you can also do it without using Appcleaner, just go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers > then double click on Adobe CS 5, it will bring up a window to uninstall the software, tick “Remove Preferences”. Now if you’re planning to reinstall this in the future on the same PC, you have the option to keep the activation, otherwise, if you want it removed and deactivated you will need to connect to the internet for deactivating. > Then click Uninstall

**Issues encountered? I’ve noticed that if I drag it from the dock to the trash – that would not remove it from the computer. You will need to drag the software/app itself from the one you find in the Application folder to Trash.

Hope this helps! 


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