How do macros help in making my job easy?

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What are Macros in MS Excel? What are they used for? How can I create a macro in Excel? How can I run a macro? How does macros help make a task easier for the user? What are the disadvantages of using Macros in excel? Where in Excel can I find Macros?

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How do macros help in making my job easy?


Hi Ayannahana,

Macro is basically a large formula or we can say a collection of some serial steps that performs on bulk data to retrieve data analysis results. Macro can be done through VB coding in background at Excel as well as user can record a macro by doing those steps serially and after completing finish the macro recording. Later this macro you can run on different data sets to find your analysis results.

Macro is basically used to find different data analysis results from a given dataset. Suppose we have values in two columns and we need to find the sum of each row and then need the result of multiplying that sum with 3. So in this case we need to set Macro so that this bulk task can be done by just running a Macro on datasets.

You can create and run macro in Excel by following steps:

1) First do a right click on Menu bar and select customize ribbon, then under main tabs list click Developer checkbox and then click OK.

2) After this you have Developer tab on menu of Excel.

3) Click Developer and then you will able to see there is an option called record macro

4) Click record macro, give a name and then click ok.

5) The macro record starts, now perform your analysis calculation step by step and after finishing this click stop recording macro.

6) Macro has been recorded, now fill new data on data sheet, and then go to DeveloperMacroselect the macroRun.

7) You will see that the same analysis operation what you have done have taken place automatically and gives you the analysis results.

Image is attached for the reference, there I have put formula on C1 that is SUM of A1 and B1, on D1 I have put formula C1*3, this steps I have done after click record macro button. After recording, I fill new data on the sheet and run that macro, it gives me my calculations result what I recorded. Using of Macro makes the calculation and analysis faster on large volume of data that is the strength of Macro, if used properly you can find various analysis and calculation results based on a large volume of data on different columns as per your wish.

There is no such disadvantages of Macro is there, the only thing is you need to have knowledge of proper steps through which you will analyze data. If Macro used wrongly then it can make a total mess of data analysis, hence Macro use required expertise and proper knowledge.


Derick Harris

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