MS Word offers Spell checking to proof your document

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Where is the Spell Check option available in MS Word? Is it possible to tell the Spell Check to not check parts of any document? How can you do this? My Spell Check is omitting certain parts of the document when it runs a spell check? What could be wrong?

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MS Word offers Spell checking to proof your document


Hello Avery,

Spelling check option is available in Microsoft word under Review action pane. Under review action pane if on the left most operation is spelling and grammar check. When you click this Word will identify errors one by one and show them on a small screen at right side of main screen. There you will see the correct option suggested by Word processor and a button name “Change” which if you click will change the incorrect word with the correct suggestion.

At present every paragraph or line has been checked when you click spell check. If you do not want to check some portion by spell check then you can click cursor after that portion ends and then click spell check, then spell check will avoid that portion.

If some portion get avoided by Word processor means your cursor in Microsoft Word screen is not set at the start of the paragraph. If you want a full check then you need to put your cursor before the first word of document.


Derick Harris

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