I want to create a result sheet

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I want to create a result sheet .For that I need to create a formula which will show the grade based on obtained mark. How will I do that in MS-Excel?

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I want to create a result sheet



We are able to use some Microsoft excel formulas in order to create a result sheet easily. First I will assume as an example what are the ranges of mark in order to get each grade as follows.


Marks between 0 and 25 (0<X<25)                           Grade D

Marks between 25 and 50 (25<X<50)                      Grade C

Marks between 50 and 75 (50<X<75)                      Grade B

Marks above 75 (75<X)                                                  Grade A

Now please make three excel columns in a excel work sheet as follows.

Then type this formula in column “Grade” and copy in down to any no of cells that you want.

=IF(C3<=25,"Grade D",IF(C3<=50,"Grade C",IF(C3<=75,"Grade B",IF(75<C3,"Grade A","X"))))

Point to note: you have to type this formula in cell D3 as shown in the following image.



Now enter marks of each person then the grade will appear according to the marks.


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