How to determine the bandwidth of LAN?

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I want to determine the actual speed of the network connection of my LAN. Anyone knows about it?, particularly in Windows.

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How to determine the bandwidth of LAN?


You can use two methods to determine speed of your network connection,

One is through web-browser application, suh as speedtest (just google it) or through a downloaded software. With speedtest you simply open the browser page and click on the "Begin Test" button.You can select various points to get the most accurate speed reading. In the end you will get a result frame that looks like this:

But it only provides you with basic speed testing. There are also lots of free programs that you can download to your computer that will give you more detailed statistics than what you get with the web-browser based speed tests. For instance one of those programs is LAN speed test. With it you'll get much more statistic like write and read rate, average ping time, etc.

One thing to remember is that you can not run any test one time and forget it. To get the most accurate result you will have to repeat it several times, preferably during different times of day and with no other workload to internet.

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